You are inevitable. You are your own competition.

“You Don’t Know Who You Are Until You’re Married”

Check out footnotes from Jay-Z’s 4:44 album about black men and relationships. Women often have conversations about men who lack communication, perspective, honesty, and empathy. I’ve dated men who are emotionally bankrupt and many accredited this to never seeing emotion, communication, and a husband/father figure in their home. Click the link below for the footnotes […]

Minorities, You Are Needed!

The lack of minority males within the education system is disheartening. As a minority female, I see the need for students to see those that look like them and those that can relate to their upbringing. Diversity does not begin with students but with staff. Racial and cultural representation is crucial to the learners academic […]

Cipher: A Life of Shadows

At our very first heartbeat, I believe that each of us has a predestined journey and purpose.  We don’t get to choose the parents or family that we are born into to help us grow and learn on our journey of a lifetime.  Through the miracle of birth, we are pushed through by the human […]