…But at what cost?

“You’re going back to work after having a baby. Do you feel guilty, elated, uncertain? The polar opposite of how you thought you would feel? Take a deep breath and remember that more than half of all new moms go back to work when their babies are younger than 1 year old—many with conflicted emotions.”

I have been tossing and turning with guilt and anxiety every night…being 8 months pregnant doesn’t help, but I am literally on edge about having a newborn and a one year old.  Recently, my husband and I decided that it would be best to find a nanny that could take care of the girls while we commute 30 minutes to work twice each day.  If any of you mothers are like me, you hate change…not to mention the inner intentions of outsiders with your children.  My job is to protect my children at all cost, at all times, no matter the circumstance but the option to stay at home with them is not a financial cut we can afford to make with a new home and car.  Honestly, I have never wanted to be a stay-at-home mom,  I have always worked and wanted to feel/be independent.

These new feelings and life changes cause me to worry that I may be putting my needs before my children by selfishly choosing to be the woman who desires to “have it all”.

Usually, I am anxious to go back to work but since the birth of my 11 month old, I have learned just how much of a difference my summer vacation makes.  I got to enjoy teaching her words and learning more about her character.  I did realize the amount of time my career took away from my children.  I don’t remember having these feelings of guilt and apprehension with my 7 year old, I got to enjoy watching her grow and learn because I worked at the same daycare she attended.

As I carry my third child in an expanding tummy; waking my girls up at 4:30am to get dressed and commute to work is a disheartening feeling.  

Tired and thoughtful; I have to remind myself that, “A better me, makes a better us”.





Being a full-time mom, wife, student, and teacher is exhausting and every three or four weeks….I BREAK! There is nothing like courting yourself and enjoying some peace and quite without life’s demands.  Every woman who likes to be pampered can enjoy an all day event at the nail salon (even if it’s not on purpose).  Today, getting my nails done on a Saturday was a four hour experience; surviving on water and peppermints!  Saturday, I was scheduled an appointment at 12pm; I was not done until after 3pm,  eight-months pregnant and starving, but it is always worth the time spent for the right salon.  I felt like a million bucks leaving the salon, my eyebrows, nails, and toes were snatched to the Gods.

It is such a disappointment to have your nails ruined or chipped only weeks after getting them done or having your eyebrows jacked-up.  Nails Salons have so much power when it comes to the confidence of women; once a woman feels confident in her nails and hair, she is ready to conquer the aggravating co-worker, the 100 “lovely” students, and her household.

Once I relocated, I made it my business to find someone who I could trust to do my nails, waxes, and lashes correctly and not just take my money and do a sub-pair job.  Getting the “works” is often a $100 dollar ticket.  Making sure that I love what I spend my money on and that I am on a first-name basis is my greatest obsession when seeking a Nail Salon. In recent years, I’ve had nail techs who were more interested in up selling me then worrying about the health of my nails.  I hate to feel cheated out of my money, once I find a potential shop to visit, I immediately check for welcoming, licenses, sanitation techniques, and product prices.  It is my money and my time and I want to feel important when I leave.  Here are a few tips when choosing the right nail salon to avoid disaster:

  • Do research. Check out reviews online and their website.
  • Pay attention to cleanliness and how they treat their tools.
  • Be aware of products they use on you. Soft Gel? Shellac? Acrylic?  Find out what products work for you.

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