The Good, The Bad, and The Anxiety.

Teachers, you got this! There may be many struggles within your classroom but remember your purpose!



Tempo You hit the ground running at birth The joys of a young life to this earth. You’re told to catch life’s pace To hold on in this dying race; Meek are The hearers, Blessings to the doers; The mountain movers. Holding on to your chest Trying to find inner rest Work harder…be perfect Do […]

Books by Black Authors That You Don’t Want to Miss This Year

If you are an African-American fiction-novel fanatic like myself, then you’re hankering for your next book-fix. In these winter months, I’d rather curl up with a hot cup of mixed berry hibiscus tea and read. I’m currently reading the great Tayari Jones An American Marriage, and it is everything I am looking for in a […]