Moms and Sleep Deprivation

“You are a Goddess, but not even God built the world in one day!”
Even though I would LOVE to do everything exactly how I want it done…I just CAN NOT, I DON’T HAVE TO, and I WON’T! Moms it is o.k. to allow your tribe to step in.  One of the hardest parts of becoming a mother was *drum-rolls* LETTING GO!   Mistakes happen, but so does so many other positive things.  Take the time to nurture your spirit and pour a little honey on yourself!

Published by

Ashley V.

One day I woke up, married...two daughters...and third on the way, and I decided to write! I am a Florida A&M University graduate; currently seeking my Master's degree in Reading and Literacy. I am a high school Reading teacher. I am underpaid, over-loved, overwhelmed, overjoyed, and often in-over-my-head!

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