MINIMALISM: Be More With Less

Why having less is more for your family.


Books by Black Authors That You Don’t Want to Miss This Year

If you are an African-American fiction-novel fanatic like myself, then you’re hankering for your next book-fix. In these winter months, I’d rather curl up with a hot cup of mixed berry hibiscus tea and read. I’m currently reading the great Tayari Jones An American Marriage, and it is everything I am looking for in a […]

Moms and Sleep Deprivation

Originally posted on The Melanated Mama:
Anyone can tell you that when you become a parent, your sleeping patterns will not be the same. I know because I’m exhausted as I’m typing this. You might have become sleep deprived, but do you know the effects of sleep deprivation? Through some research and personal experience, I…

Cheesecake for Lovers Only

Every now and again my spouse will request a certain dessert or meal… this time it was cheesecake. I had no idea where to start or how to make a cheesecake but I’m always up for a little challenge. I snagged a good deal on some springform pans from Bealls over Christmas but of course, […]